Marine BaseMaps

For many applications, a simple and aesthetically pleasing basemap is all you need. Whether it’s for viewing your maritime operation, overlaying your data, providing context to your projects, situational awareness, or simply providing a backdrop for your printed maps, the Marine Basemap provides you with a solution to coarse publicly available marine basemaps.

While most basemaps display the ocean in rather coarse detail or simply a flat blue image, the Marine Basemap provides real and useful information.

Marine Basemap

Formatting and Availability

The vector tile formatting in Mapbox allows for efficient and beautiful display of vast amount of data creating basemaps that are light weight yet robust in information. Especially noteworthy is the scale dependent dynamic display that adjusts the level of detail of the marine feature names, contour lines, and colorized backdrop as you zoom in and out. As a result you  see the right amount of information for the display scale.

Specifically, the basemaps are available as a streaming subscription service via WMTS or WMS, static images, printed maps, and GeoPDFs. Additionally, our APIs can be embedded in your applications.

Free vs. Paid Marine Basemap

The Free Global Basemap is derived from public domain data and is free to use in a web browser using the link below. Please contact us for streaming access to the Free Global Basemap as WMTS in ArcMap or other GIS environment. Alternatively, you can also preview the Global Basemap and a detailed map of San Francisco Bay:

Swip image from Left -> Right to compare paid for vs free Marine Basemap

Try our Free Webmaps:

San Francisco
Free Global Basemap

Paid subscriptions to our Marine Basemap receive our best available bathymetry and are usable down to 1:10,000 scale. Furthermore, with over 1 million named features, detailed contour lines, and more colorful display, the paid service provides our users with the best available marine basemap.

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