Would Six Suns Make the World Brighter Place? Yes, of course it would but, probably still not underwater. However, using 6 light sources for hillshading imagery can provide a brighter, more appealing marine basemaps.

Here are two images of the same area in the Southwest portion of the Celtic Sea. We used a single source of light at azimuth 135°, altitude 45° and a custom colour ramp to produce the left image. In the right image, we used the same azimuth of 135° but used the average of 6 different altitudes of light source and transparently draped the custom coloured image to produce a brighter image with more detail visible particularly in the deep water areas.

TCarta Marine will be rolling out this improvement to our WMS hillshaded basemap in 2016. Tell us what you think of it and how it might be useful for your maps and applications.

Southwest portion of the Celtic Sea