90m Bathymetric GIS Package

The GIS bathymetry package includes a 3 arc-second interpolated bathymetric grid with spot-depth values and contour lines included as vector data sets, and our 1:60,000 scale coastline.

This package is ideal for detailed analysis of offshore areas and combines perfectly with SRTM data to create a seamless elevation model of terrestrial and marine data. Our GIS package can be delivered in any format that you require.

90m Bathymetric GIS Package

Some of the uses for our data have included:

  • Offshore geological analysis
  • Pipeline routing
  • Fisheries evaluation
  • Fresh-water lens drilling
  • Tidal energy project siting
  • Wind turbine siting
  • Marine Archaeology
  • Tsunami modelling
  • Gold mining
  • Coastal defence analysis
  • De-salinization projects
  • Engineering projects
  • Dredging
  • Cable routing
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